Life without commandments

Sometimes it happened to me like this: a girl with beautiful legs, and the rest is ugly. I felt like I was raped: I do not want her, but something forces me.

The Lord has set us free from slavery, you no longer need to obey the commandments.

I am not a perfect man, I may be drawn to an unbelieving girl, but this is the same rape: unbelievers do not attract me. There is even almost nothing to talk about.

But if I do not want to be “raped”, then I am going to definitely marry a believing girl (by the way, I keep in mind an African student of 22 years).

So, do not “rape” yourself and try to fulfill the commandments artificially. Keep them in mind, but live as you see fit. Read the link above.

What to do with fake money?

Money of the world are fake documents. These are numbers which don’t conform to the reality.

For example, I was religiously discriminated. For this reason I was led to leave university study. For this reason, I am much poorer than I could be. So everybody who would refuse my million dollar check for me being to poor would violate anti-discrimination laws. So everybody holds documents on which wrong information about me is written.

So everybody accordingly our laws must be put into a prison. Especially because I almost died because of discrimination. You are legally a killer.

Probably the worst thing here was that I was also discriminated for the reason that I refused to agree with people about them being worth.

So it became a vicious circle.

What is the escape? It is here.

I have a plan for you

I have a plan for you. I don’t insist you should follow it, but you should consider it:

Do you have a big church which brings some donations? Sell it. Use the money to buy shares of AdaCore, a programming corporation located in US.

I don’t joke.

You want to save the world? You want to make it prosperous? It makes no sense without first solving this problem.

Oh, you preach Gospel? Isn’t it more important? Our theology had an error. Our sermons were wrong because of this error. Does it make sense to continue your business?

So you may buy shares of AdaCore to gain majority and vote to transform it into a nonprofit to solve the problem.

I wrote this to make you consider other variants than what you are currently doing.

As Son of God Christ studies, as God He already knows all

(Phil. 3:8-9) 8 Yes most assuredly, and I count all things to be loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, for whom I suffered the loss of all things, and count them nothing but refuse, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own, that which is of the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith.

So, St. Paul considered the most important thing of all, compared with which all other things are unimportant, knowledge of Christ Jesus.

What Paul considered the most important, his (Paul’s) knowledge? No he considered the most important knowledge of Christ.

As the Son of God Christ studies (gains knowledge), He studies all things looking as the Father does. But Christ is not only Son of God, Christ is also God and knows all. If He knows all then why He indeed studies? Continue reading

Why I am not yet very rich

I am not yet very rich. I don’t starve, I have a fast computer with many thousands of programs connected to Internet. We rent a not so small apartment. I have no car but I am not going to learn driving even if I get rich. And I have much more free time than most working people do.

God promised to make us rich. Why I am not rich yet?

Now I understand that if I got money earlier, I would not be able to use it for good. I would use it to promote my self-contradictory philosophy and theology, which put me in starving state in the past. I would promote learning Old Testament for my money, but now I realize we need to come holy to this book of God, not just throw resources at it.

In short, my purposes were wrong and so I would put money into a wrong use. Why God would give me money?

Now I have a wonder that one man offered me half of his starting business for virtually nothing. Now God is blessing me. Thanks God for making me rich, so that I can get more free time for volunteer work.

I heard the voice of the Lord

Yesterday my business partner from Brazil wrote me he is going to go to a bathroom.

After some time I felt that I should pray about him for dangers in bathroom. I prayed God to save him from possible dangers in the bathroom, such as electricity short-circuits or falls on the wet floor.

Soon he wrote me that the tubes in bathroom were broken, all the house was in water and he barely rescued his laptop.

Yahoo! I hear the voice of the Lord again.