The main idea of Gospel (new thing)

I discovered that if I attempt to follow Gospel, then I necessarily fall into some non-understanding, this non-understanding causes me to behave wrong and fall into some trouble, such as people trying to kill me for my attempt to follow Gospel or for my stupidity of this attempt or me “preserving” in constant troubles which cause me to trouble the mood and lose spirit. Or for example sometimes I was beaten by the head, to fall into loss of mind and connection with daemons. These problems certainly make me unable to preach, love, be in communication, etc. Whether I want this or not, it remains only anger, hate, condemnation of others, despair, fear, etc.

So I was realizing that I am a self-killer, a suicidal person, enemy of Gospel. But if I am a self-killer, which follower of Gospel I am? This question confused me even more, making me unable to understand anything about purposes of my life and what to do, exacerbating the problem even more.

Like as the St. Paul realized that he should stop follow Torah, I realized that I need to stop follow Gospel. Once I finally realized it: (2Cor. 3:6) “Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter kills, but the spirit gives life.” I realized that this mean that we must stop to follow the letter of New Testament in the same way as we stopped to follow Torah.

Now we have a new religion. It is one of the world biggest events. Stop everything and read what I show on my website. You can start with this wonderful sermon. After this start read Bible with my new method.

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