I heard the voice of the Lord

Yesterday my business partner from Brazil wrote me he is going to go to a bathroom.

After some time I felt that I should pray about him for dangers in bathroom. I prayed God to save him from possible dangers in the bathroom, such as electricity short-circuits or falls on the wet floor.

Soon he wrote me that the tubes in bathroom were broken, all the house was in water and he barely rescued his laptop.

Yahoo! I hear the voice of the Lord again.


Jesus being filled with wisdom

Some translations (e.g. New American Standard Bible) of Luk. 2:40 say that Jesus was “increased” in wisdom.

But he is God and already knows everything. How can his wisdom “increase”?

In my opinion (see my book for more details), Christ limited himself to human senses to perceive the environment. He already knew all mathematics, but he needed to study physics of this region on the universe (as other regions of so called multiverse behave as having different laws of physics).

(Philippians 2:8) “7 but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, yes, the death of the cross.”

It means that Jesus researched the world around him and found that now he is in a human body. In the childhood he was busy understanding the laws of physics (which He created) of this part of the world.

Existence of evil in this world

Some Christian teachers (one notable preacher is Kenneth Copeland) teach that the evil exists in this world despite God is good, because God legally delivered the Earth to mankind and has no legal right to control this world without man’s consent and so cannot eliminate the evil.

Is this teaching right? Honestly, I do not know. We can find arguments in Bible both pro and counter this teaching. We need further analysis.

However, does this (as of Kenneth Copeland) teaching contradict to my previous blog post? I think, it does not contradict.

Even if God legally removed Himself from governing the Earth, there must exist a good reason of Him to remove himself. So all arguments of my previous post apply. There must be a good reason for God to remove Himself from governing this world (if He ever removed). So there must be a good reason for seemingly evil.

What is evil?

In this post I want to present my opinion on what is evil and how there can be evil in the world created by good God. I don’t quote Bible in this post, it is mainly a philosophic assessment (however without trying to prove that it is correct).

First, evil is mainly related with Satan and sin. Sin is a denial of service attack (something what prevents a computer or in our case a brain to function properly), which attempts to reverse the function of an entity to do the opposite to what it should do.

It is essential to note that sin is a problem which needs to be solved. It needs to be dealt with on a certain stage of the development of the universe.

In my opinion, there is no absolute evil. An evil is a part of bigger good or not clearly seen good. Consider sin as a problem which needs to be passed through. “Evil” is seeing good not clearly. God does no evil.

Everything what God created is good. Bad things are only parts of God’s creation separated from the entire system. Even sin is in some sense good as it is a problem and a problem with solution is good thing. A bad thing is a problem without solution.

Another thing I want to note is the following: In an entity struck with sin, every small step of its behavior is correct. The system is wrong on large scale.

Reversely, acts of God are correct on the large scale despite small fragments of the work of God may look like wrong.

Comments are welcome.

Notes on predestination and Calvinism

First I am not a professional theologian. The following may contain factual errors. However, I am a mathematician and can formulate my thoughts exactly.

As far as I know, there is no free will for salvation of a man or woman accordingly the teaching of the Protestant reformer John Calvin.

I think we should accommodate that “free will” can be interpreted in different ways:

  1. We have free will in that sense that God does not change our character by just moving atoms in our brain to erase our old mind and create a new one with destruction of our former mind. Instead God communicates with us with words, visions, etc., all of which are accomplished as influencing our brains with information contained in cosmic electromagnetic waves. Cosmic electromagnetic waves are called “Christ” in Bible (see my book). So God decided to save us through Christ instead of erasing our mind with brute force and starting it anew with old mind erases. In this sense we have free will.
  2. Another meaning of “free will” is that we could be able to resist God’s influence to save us. I doubt whether we have free will in this sense. (Rom. 9:18-19) “18 So then, he has mercy on whom he desires, and he hardens whom he desires. 19 You will say then to me, “Why does he still find fault? For who withstands his will?” From this verse it seems that a human does not have free will in the sense to withstand the decision of God to save him.

It seems that all mainstream and evangelical Protestants believe that God has predestined who to save.

Another “feature” of Calvinism is that God has predestined also who not to save.

Do I agree with this? It seems that this question is even more difficult than it seems:

I suppose that people are born accordingly natural laws of biology and sociology. What is predestination for salvation of a particular person then? In my opinion it is “fitting” of a particular “natural” (stochastic that is randomly borb) person into the scheme of one of a big but finite number of a “new creations”.

Then the main point of the discussion of Luther and Calvin becomes: Does God predestine only fitting particular persons into the scheme of saved “new creations” or does He also predestine into another scheme of non-saved people? I don’t know the answer but suppose that it is likely that God in this sense predestined only “new creations” and has not predestined not saved people.

Another question: How can predestination fit together with the fact that people are saved when they willingly accept Christ into their hearts?

I think the main part of the answer to this question is: (Is. 65:24) “It shall happen that, before they call, I will answer…” This means that our prayers can be heard by God even before the world begin, when He does our predestination.

Pray for me, to get rid of negative thoughts

Many years ago (I probably was yet a teenager) I endured very hard life circumstances. It seems that something broke in my head with the following result:

I often have negative thoughts. It is often that I remember the rave I had before the conversion to Christ. Or just bad thoughts. Sometimes it is the thought to kill myself or somebody other, sometimes it is something indecent, or like this. I don’t kill or do any such things but the negative thoughts disturb me.

Please pray for me to get rid of negative thoughts and too often remembering the rave which I had before conversion.

I think, God allowed me to break a little because I thought too high about my own mind, such as being very positive was like an idol for me. But now I think, I already repented of this.

Also pray for my financial welfare for me to have money and free time to work in nonprofit/charity for benefit of others.

Bible on abortion

The following may look “not enough conservative”, but my purpose is to strictly follow the Bible:

(Job 3:16) “or as a hidden untimely birth I had not been, as infants who never saw light.”

Bible seems to say (if I understand it correctly) that unborn embryos do not have soul.

I do not say that abortion is good. I just try to make a biblical point on it.

Is killing an unborn embryos well a killing? I do not know, but it seems not to be sending a soul into separation of body, because there is no soul in this case.

The above is just my personal opinion and it may be wrong.